Playtrail Game by Justine Scoltock

We held a workshop in Void Gallery with some of the guys from PLAYTRAIL, who created some excellent artwork for us based on the exhibition, 'The Colony' by Dinh Q. Lê, which we then made into a computer game. You can play it by clicking HERE - use your arrow keys to move your boat and try and catch the bird poop!

POO by Justine Scoltock

Must be good luck - Justine struck with some genuine original pigeon poop at the opening of 'The Colony' at Void Gallery 

WORKSHOP WITH TUNED IN by Justine Scoltock

Working with some of the students from Tuned In to test and try out our ibook, app and motion sensor game to accompany 'The Colony' at Void Engage

invisible people by Justine Scoltock

the Gathering by Justine Scoltock

Arts Care ‘Impromptu Creative Gatherings’ across Northern Ireland hosted by Arts Care in their 25th Anniversary Year to open up fresh, critical discussions, innovations and draw together global and local ‘threads’ of Best Practice & Research Development in Arts, Health and Well-being.

POOP! by Justine Scoltock

FELTING by Justine Scoltock

KAFFS NEW OFFICE by Justine Scoltock

STORY BOARDING by Justine Scoltock